Marquette Green Energy, LLC (MGE) is developing a closed-loop vertically integrated 34 MW woody biomass powered combined heat and power (CHP) energy plant on the site of the former KI Sawyer AFB in Marquette County, Michigan. Substantial existing infrastructure of what was once an important Strategic Air Command facility will play a key role in reducing the redevelopment cost of this “green” renewable energy project. The site’s fundamentals – plentiful low cost access to biomass fuel, modern infrastructure, adjacent major industrial users of steam and electricity, and the immediate availability of a low cost skilled work force make this a superior investment opportunity.

Market Need

The coal power industry is in the midst of change due to legislation which requires more stringent emission requirements, making these dated plants vulnerable for closure. This will have a huge impact on the availability of base-load power and huge demand for clean dependable renewable energy. Clean base-load biomass satisfies the Renewable Portfolio Standard requirements for utility companies.

Biomass Advantage

Biomass is the base-load energy source that provides 15 times more renewable energy than all the wind and solar currently generated in the United States. Job creation in staffing the facility provides family sustaining jobs, which is important to the Upper Peninsula. Clean dependable biomass energy also adds to the health of our forests, as it is a major piece in the matrix in keeping our forest sustainable. Utilization of fire or parasitic damaged trees, wood waste from operating sawmills, clean unaltered construction debris, and urban derived material both which are traditionally land-filled or burned are all sources for the plant’s fuel supply.


Biomass generated electricity uses clean, well- known established technology to meet stringent state and EPA environmental regulations. This technology lets the operator provide reliable base-load power that can be depended upon and delivered to the grid.

Project Timing

MGE has received a Michigan Department of Environmental Quality Air Quality Permit. We are actively pursuing opportunities with energy companies regarding project development plus a Power Purchase Agreement. The project is scheduled to be operational first quarter of 2017.